Angela Mullane, LCSW

I’ve been fortunate to work with diverse populations of people.  I have worked with children struggling with behaviors and emotions, with teenagers in crisis, and with adults working through experiences individually or as a group. I pride myself on being a person who helps others feel they can be comfortable and be themselves while we work together, regardless of age or background. 

My goal is to help my clients discover (or remember) their greatest strengths, and work with them to find ways those strengths can help them make positive changes in their lives and their outlook. Because I don’t believe there is such a thing as “one size fits all” therapy, I use a blend of traditional and evidence-based practices depending on what best suits my clients’ needs and personality. I hope to have the opportunity to help you work through problems, learn healthy coping skills, and get to know yourself better.

Education: Master of Social Work (MSW) from Fordham University
License: Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of Connecticut
Certification: Initial Educator Certificate (School Social Worker) in the state of Connecticut

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