Child Therapy

Do You Wish You Knew How To Help Your Child?

Are you struggling to understand your child? Maybe they’re dealing with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, or social issues, but you don’t know where their problems come from or how to properly address them. They may seem irritable and angry all the time, prone to meltdowns and distressed by the littlest things. Or perhaps they’re sad and withdrawn, but won’t say why. Their inability to communicate their problems prevents you from knowing what kind of care to give them.

If your child is suffering from ADHD, they are likely having trouble paying attention or keeping up in school. Or they may be sad and angry, because there’s conflict in the home or their parents are in the process of divorcing. Regardless of their situation, children often lack the development and self-awareness to understand where their own emotions are coming from and what they mean. This makes it hard for them to express what they are going through. They may be suffering in silence.

If you feel like your young one’s challenges are outside your experience and control, you may need the help of a child behavior specialist. Here at SMPsychotherapy & Counseling, we offer professional, compassionate support for you and your child as you navigate life together. We can help your little one learn to regulate their emotions, understand the root of their troubles, and improve their confidence and self-esteem.

Many Children Learn Differently And Need Extra Support In Life

Every child is different, and every child learns differently. Unfortunately, the modern education system isn’t built with this fact in mind. Nor is society at large. Many children need extra support and accommodations in life. They may require alternate ways of learning, added time on school assignments, or even extra care in the home. But without these accommodations, they may come to see themselves as the problem, rather than society or the school system as the source of their issues. They may develop lower self-esteem, or think there’s something wrong with them.

As hard as these hurdles are for kids, they’re also hard for parents. Your child may seem lazy, rebellious, or simply troubled, when in fact there are deeper, subtler issues going on. They could be dealing with trauma, bullying, self-harm, social anxiety, depression, or ADHD. If you want to know what’s really bothering your child, one of our child therapists can help you get to the root of their issues and offer practical strategies for conquering their symptoms.

Child Therapy Is A Time For Your Little One To Relax, Unwind, And Learn Real-Life Skills

Because of how strict and rigid school can be, many children lack an outlet where they can be themselves. Our approach to therapy provides just that. With us, your child is free to laugh, cry, vent their troubles, and share their joys without any fear of judgment. In our sessions, we will help them identify their stressors, learn to self-regulate emotions, and develop child-friendly problem-solving skills. Additionally, we’ll give you the tools and strategies you need to help them when we’re not around.

In our initial session, one of our child counselors will meet with you to gather information and gain a clearer understanding of your child’s situation. From there, we will begin meeting individually with your child. We’ll still communicate with you as needed, though, so you can expect to be an active participant in your little one’s healing process. Together, we will co-create a treatment plan that caters to directly to their needs, goals, and desires. If your child needs extra help academically, for instance, we may collaborate with the school to develop a 504 plan (a legal document that specifies what accommodations your child needs). 

Therapy may seem intimidating for kids, but not here. We want children to be able to express themselves, and that’s why play therapy and art therapy are integral to our approach. Our office has a playroom full of games, toys, and crafts. We also encourage drawing, journaling, and other creative arts. For children struggling to focus or stay calm, we utilize mindfulness techniques such as meditation or deep-breathing to help them stay grounded and relaxed. Additionally, we’ll teach them child-friendly ways to resolve conflict, study more effectively, and create more meaningful relationships with others.

Here at SMPsychotherapy, we believe that family is the best medicine, and no one can heal alone. By working as a team, we can help your child get back on track academically, socially, and behaviorally while strengthening their relationship with you. Between us, our staff has over 20 years of experience working with children. In that time, we’ve come to see the healing power of child therapy and want to help you and child experience the same opportunity for a happier, healthier life together.

You may have some concerns about counseling for children…

What if my child doesn’t want to come therapy?

In that case, I would encourage you to tell your child that therapy isn’t always serious and formal. Yes, we’ll be addressing serious issues, but we’ll have fun along the way. In our sessions, your child can express themselves through play, art, or whatever they enjoy doing. This is a time for them to unwind. Here, they can step back from the pressures of school or home and just relax and be themselves.

Therapy is for people with serious issues, and my child doesn’t have any.

Counseling is not just for people with “serious” issues—it’s for ordinary people, too. What’s more, our practice approaches therapy in a way that’s anything but intimidating. We’re not here to make your child feel like a number or label them with a diagnosis—we’re here to empower them to fulfill their goals and live joyfully in the years ahead. There is no standard for how serious your child’s problems must be to receive therapy. Given how common depression, anxiety, and ADHD are in children, most kids could benefit from therapy.

Why do children need therapy?

Being a child, if we’re honest with ourselves, is not all rainbows and sunshine. Children struggle just like adults. And just as adults need support and guidance for their mental health, so do kids. There are serious benefits to having children in counseling, as it gives them a head start developmentally. Therapy enables kids to learn self-awareness at a young age and gain the emotional intelligence to prosper in their career and relationships down the road.

Find Practical, Compassionate, Empowering Support For Your Child

If your child’s mental health struggles are getting in the way of their social and academic success, we’d be honored to help. To get started and schedule an appointment, you can call us at 203-800-9778 or send us an email. At the moment, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all our child therapy sessions are online. We look forward to getting to know you!

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