Counseling For Women

Are You A Woman Who Feels Like You Have No One To Turn To For Support?

women's counseling hartford connecticutDo you feel exhausted by all the expectations others place on you? Are your relationships unfulfilling and getting in the way of your best life? Maybe you feel unable to connect sexually or emotionally with your partner, and the romance just isn’t there anymore. Or perhaps you’re a new mother and your struggle to bond with your baby makes you miss your old life. On top of all your personal challenges, you may feel like you have no one to turn to. Everyone else comes to you for support, but who will make time for your needs?

Being a woman is hard. With so much expected of you—at work, in the home, and even among your friends—you may struggle with a lack of energy or feelings of inadequacy. Unable to juggle all the impossible demands in your life, perhaps you ask yourself: Am I just not good enough? Is there something wrong with me?

In addition to all the emotional care you are supposed to provide, you may be dealing with depression or anxiety. Maybe it’s a hassle just to get out of bed and go to work every day because of your low mood or constant stress. If you have bipolar disorder, you may struggle to find any sense of consistency—one minute you feel sad and hopeless and the next you’re full of limitless energy and engaging in risky behaviors.

Whether your difficulties are related to parenting, relationships, or work-life balance, we are confident that we can help you. Our goal is to help you bolster your self-esteem, improve your relationships, and achieve a lifelong legacy of healing and fulfillment.

Women Today Face Unrealistic Expectations And Have Little Time For Self-Care

women's counseling danbury, hartford connecticutLet’s face it: as women in today’s world, we have to reckon with unrealistic expectations every day. We are supposed to look perfect, stay in shape, raise a family, succeed professionally, and act friendly and charming at all times. We can’t suffer emotional breakdowns, or else we are called “drama queens.” And we can’t care for ourselves too much, or else we are labeled “vainglorious.”

Little wonder, then, that so many of us feel exhausted and overworked. We are expected to provide for others so much that many of us neglect self-care. And if we seek help for ourselves, others may look at us as weak and tell us to figure out our issues alone. It’s great to invest in other people’s well-being, but what happens when we have no time for ourselves?

Thankfully, here at SMPsychotherapy & Counseling, we provide a warm, compassionate space for you to focus on yourself without any shame or judgment. If you feel like other people in your life will look down on you for seeking help, we encourage you to take heart. Sometimes, the best way to improve the relationships and external issues in your life is to concentrate on yourself first.

Counseling For Women Can Help You Improve Your Self-Esteem And Strengthen Your Relationships

women's counseling in danbury and hartfordRegardless of where you are in your journey—whether you are a college student, a new mother, or somewhere further down the road—we are confident that we can accommodate you. Our sessions provide a safe, nurturing space for you to work through your challenges and come up with your own solutions. Our approach to treatment is broad and expansive, and we provide more than just one-on-one therapy. We can also provide counseling for your child, your teenager, your family, or even you and your partner.

The intake process follows three easy steps. After giving us a call, our service coordinator will help you verify your insurance plan and match you with a therapist. We will schedule an evaluation with you to go over your needs, goals, medical history, and any other issues you’d like to discuss.

In subsequent sessions, we will explore the underlying causes behind your symptoms and how you react to stressors. This will help us understand what kind of coping skills and strategies could serve you in day-to-day life. Our approach to the healing process is very strengths-based—in addition to developing new skills, we want you to build on the strengths that you already have. Whether you benefit from exercise, the arts, or relaxation techniques, we want to teach you how to improve your self-care routine so you can deal with stressors more effectively.

counseling for women in danbury and hartfordWhat’s more, if you’d like additional support in tandem with therapy, we have an on-site psychiatric APRN who can provide medication management and direct you to new resources for self-care. Medication can act as a supplement to the work done in counseling and help you regulate your mood more successfully. Our psychiatric APRN can also connect you to extracurricular self-care activities such as yoga classes or meditation groups.

One of the main approaches we utilize in counseling for women is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). The goal of CBT is to help you understand how your thought processes impact your emotion and behavior. For instance, suppose you are a new mother who feels like you’re not good enough to give your baby the emotional care it needs. CBT will help you identify where that negative belief came from and how you can overcome it. By changing how you think, you can improve your self-esteem, strengthen your relationships, and experience positive change in every area of your life.

No matter how hopeless you feel at the moment, we can assure you that you are not alone. It’s difficult being a woman in today’s world, but the struggles you face do not have to hold you back. Whether you are dealing with anxiety, substance abuse, depression, or parenting difficulties, our therapists at SMPsychotherapy & Counseling can help you get to a better place in life. Our goal is to break down the barriers of doubt in your life and help you achieve a legacy of transformation.

You may have some concerns about counseling for women…

counseling for women in danbury and hartford ctI have trust issues, so I’m worried I won’t feel comfortable with my therapist.

If you’ve been hurt or let down by the people you know, it’s difficult to trust others. That’s why building a trusting, compassionate relationship with you is our first priority. We strive to be objective and unbiased in our approach to the healing process and we are deeply committed to your privacy. We’re not going to share what you tell us with anyone else.

What if I can’t fit therapy into my schedule?

In the wake of COVID-19, all of our therapy sessions for women are held online (or via phone). Online counseling is a convenient way to squeeze self-care into your busy schedule, since you don’t have to worry about travel concerns or taking too much time out of your day. You can engage in therapy with us during your lunch break, when you get home from work, or whatever time of day is best for you.

I’m worried people will think I’m crazy for being in therapy.

Counseling is for everyone. All of us have experiences that stress us out or cause us to feel hopeless and sad, and that’s why anyone can benefit from talking with a compassionate, unbiased professional. If you have family or loved ones who you think will judge you for seeking help, we encourage you to pursue therapy regardless. After all, if they see the positive change that counseling brings to your life, maybe their opinion will change.

women's counseling in danbury and hartford ctAchieve A Lifelong Legacy Of Healing And Empowerment

If you feel burdened by all the responsibilities and demands in your life and would like to focus on self-care, we would be honored to help you. To begin your journey of healing and empowerment, you can email us or call 203-800-9778 to set up your first counseling session.

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