Debora Faria, LCSW

Debora Faria, LCSWMy name is Debora Feria. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

If you are struggling with anxiety, sadness, hopelessness or you are overwhelmed with life changes, you don’t need to cope alone. I am the professional to support you in your mental health and personal growth, creating a safe place to build your self esteem, coping strategies, confidence and relaxation.

I would be the person to support you in your journey because I help my clients identify their individual strengths and cope with life events.

My approach is integrative therapy, I focus on clients overall well-being to make them feel comfortable and also enjoy their personal discovery and healing process.

I respect and I want to learn about your culture, your values and spirituality; my approach is to enhance what works for you and support you to achieve the goals you dream.

I have been working with families, adolescents, young adults and mature adults for 15 years. I specialize in working with Latinx/Hispanic (Portuguese and Spanish) and I have experience working with immigrants who suffer from anxiety, depression, problems in their interpersonal relationships, post-traumatic stress, and trauma in general.

I am trained as a grief counselor, trauma therapy (EMDR therapy) and parenting group work (Triple P certified). I am also an avid meditator and mindfulness group facilitator.

If you would like me to be part of your support system, give us a call at 203.800.9778 or you can send us a message here.

I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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