Dr. Juliana Tacardon

Dr. Juliana TacardonI am Dr. Juliana Tacardon.  I am a doctorate prepared Family Nurse Practitioner with fourteen years of professional experience specializing in family health and psychiatry. In my years of practice, I have worked with clients across the lifespan with a diverse background in pediatrics, community health, case management, program development, developmental disabilities, and geriatric care.

I am also a Medical Marijuana Practitioner.

My approach as a professional medical provider is to ensure our provider-client relationship has open communication and trust. I believe having a strong provider-patient connection encourages treatment compliance and health goal achievement. 

As a Filipino immigrant who came to the United States as a toddler, it was instilled in me that education is the pathway to success and independence for minority women. 

While I believe that education provides a strong foundation for self-autonomy, I understand that everyone comes from various backgrounds and may not have had an advantageous upbringing like myself. As a healthcare professional, I believe physical, mental, and emotional wellness is a lifelong goal. Learning and understanding how to reach these goals is critical in how we live daily. 

As a healthcare provider, I apply empathy into everyday practice and acknowledge each client’s health concerns to create an individualized treatment plan for health and wellness.

Give us a call to schedule your personalized psychiatric evaluation and med management treatment. 


Dr. Tacardon, DNP, APRN, NP-C

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