Jane Sosoo, MEd MS, LPCA


Jane Sosoo holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. She pursued her passion for mental health by obtaining a Master of Education in Mental Health Counseling from Lincoln Memorial University in Knoxville, Tennessee. Additionally, she earned a Master of Science degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. Currently, Jane is pursuing a Doctorate in Psychology with an emphasis in neuroscience at William James College in Newton, Massachusetts.

Jane’s journey in the mental health field began as a Mental Health Assistant at Albany Medical Center. Driven by the desire to do more for her patients, she pursued her counseling graduate degree. She then expanded her expertise by working with clients of all ages as a Mental Health Clinician. She conducted individual, group, family, and couple therapies in several settings including middle school, high school, universities, shelters, church counseling centers, and behavioral urgent care centers. She specializes in treating Anxiety disorders (e.g., social anxiety, …), substance use disorders (e.g., alcohol use disorder, …),  mood disorders (e.g., depression, …), personality disorders (e.g. borderline personality disorder, …), and trauma-related disorders (e.g., Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, …). She also provides psychoeducation on women’s issues, self-esteem, and relationship issues, and offers premarital and marital counseling.

Moreover, Jane believes that it is crucial to challenge the negative beliefs and assumptions that surround mental illness, especially in the workplace. Hence, she advocates for workplace structures that prioritize the well-being of employees. With her graduate degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology, she assists her clients in understanding how to improve their productivity, job satisfaction, fulfillment, and recognition at work. She also helps companies create and execute practical solutions to address organizational challenges based on psychological principles while ensuring the well-being of their employees.

Jane employs a range of therapeutic modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Brief Therapy,   Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Art Therapy tools (especially for children), Exposure Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Attachment-based Therapy. She uses several assessments and emphasizes readiness for change. Clients are empowered by setting SMART goals and learning the tools that will enable them to successfully navigate their challenges. Jane understands that while clients may be facing similar challenges their approach may be different. Therefore, she leverages their uniqueness by offering unconditional positive regard and giving them the time and grace needed to make the changes at their own pace. Jane’s authenticity builds trust by meeting individuals where they are, helping to shift perception, and tailoring her approach to each person’s needs. Her goal is not just to provide help but to understand what help means for each client.

Outside of work, Jane is passionate about cooking. She sees it as a way to express love and care, bringing people together around a table to communicate and share experiences.

Jane is fluent in English and French and offers flexible scheduling, including daytime, evening, and weekend appointments. She is committed to empowering individuals on their mental health journey. If you’re seeking support tailored to your unique needs,  contact SMPsychotherapy & Counseling Services today to schedule an appointment with Jane.

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