Jennel Fontanelle, LCSW

Jennel FontanelleI am Jennel Fontanelle. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

“Substance abuse has no face, age, creed or color. Addiction does not discriminate”

Ms Jennel Fontanelle is eager to go beyond the spectrum of stigma and discrimination to understand, curb and promote the relevant information to address this social ill – one that continues to plague individuals, families and the community as a whole.

A fervent believer of compassion and progression, she has pursued her studies in Social Work and successfully completed her studies at the University of Connecticut. Jennel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Ms Fontanelle’s personal motto as a teenager was “life under any circumstance is better than no life at all, because to have life is to have hope”; and these sentiments saw her maturing and achieving the unbelievable at an early age.

Presently, she holds these thoughts dearly and shares them in every aspect of her life, dropping these seeds of hope in the lives she encounters.

Ms. Jennel further believes that mental wellness is equally important to Physical wellness. Everyone is fighting a battle we may not know about. Finding a professional, someone you can trust to talk to, can create the space needed to make improvement in our lives.

If you are ready to get your healing process started, give us a call at 203.800.9778 or send us a message here.

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