Marisol Rodriguez, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Marisol Rodriguez, NPMy name is Marisol Rodriguez. I am a licensed, Board Certified, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. I studied and graduated from Southern Connecticut State University. I have worked in both the inpatient psychiatric hospital setting as well as in the outpatient community clinic setting. I have experience working with children, adolescents, and adult patients with a variety of psychiatric disorders.

The use of multiple therapeutic treatment options as well as medications are used to target symptoms that can be improved, well managed, and alleviated with particular attention on revitalizing one’s energy, motivation, and love of the self. My approach is one that also considers the value of comprehensive diagnostic evaluations that include one’s medical history, laboratory testing, as well as genetics, to help achieve a holistic understanding of an individual’s needs.

I am dedicated to setting realistic as well as far reaching goals to help individuals not only return to the life they once knew, but to concentrate on a brighter and more successful future filled with joy and feelings of accomplishment. My patients are more to me than just a number. I take great pride in the time and effort I devote to assist my patients to heal and live their best possible lives. I am dedicated to assisting my patients become the best versions of themselves and achieve all that they are capable in life.

I was drawn to psychiatry after working as a registered nurse in medicine, surgery, trauma, and intensive care, where I found myself addressing the emotional impact of my patient’s experiences in addition to treating their medical diagnoses. My medical training, natural empathy, and sharp intuition gave me a unique ability to help my patients alleviate suffering and achieve their full potential.

Outside of my patients, I am happiest on the beach, and hoping to make it to Brazil or Santorini soon.

What’s the most inspiring part of your job?

I love meeting face-to-face with diverse clients from all walks of life. It really serves as proof that no matter who they are, their age, or where they stand in a societal sense, everyone can choose to grow. I always meet them where they are at and, rather than treating them as a patient, we partner to determine the best treatment options. These can be lifestyle changes, psychotherapy, diet/nutrition and medication when needed. Of course, the best part of the process is watching symptoms improve and the client reach their full potential. I am so often surprised by how far they go.

If you are ready to get started, please give me a call at 203.800.9778 or email our service coordinator here to schedule your initial evaluation.

**I am a bilingual (Spanish/English) practitioner

Marisol Rodriguez, NP

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