Rachel Corso, MA, LADC, LPC

Rachel Corso-Watts, LPC, LADC, is a dedicated mental health professional with a passion for fostering growth and well-being in her clients. Her academic journey began at Eastern CT State, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree with a psychology minor in sociology. She furthered her education with a Master’s in Counseling from Western University in Pennsylvania and is currently pursuing a doctorate in behavioral health at Arizona State University.

In her extensive mental health career, Rachel has made significant contributions to the field. Her experience includes agency work counseling adults, where she focused on teaching vocational skills, budgeting, and daily activities. At Trinity Health, a nonprofit health system, she served as a mental health worker in inpatient adult care units, offering assistance, monitoring, and emergency room support. Rachel then transitioned to a role as a primary therapist, specializing in case management, discharge planning, and individual therapy within a multidisciplinary team. She also excelled in substance abuse counseling on a dual diagnosis floor.

Rachel’s journey continues at SMPsychotherapy and Counseling, where she works as a therapist for individuals aged 12 and up. Rachel’s expertise extends to codependency, addiction/substance abuse, and various mental illnesses like major depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. She not only provides therapy but also holds the esteemed position of Program Manager of Family Integrated Therapy at Home (F.I.T.H.) and one of the Clinical Directors of SMPsychotherapy.

An advocate for suicide prevention awareness, strong support systems, and self-care, Rachel brings a compassionate and supportive approach to her work. In her free time, she enjoys activities like Zumba, spending time with her husband and growing family, experimenting with new recipes, playing with her dogs, and expressing herself through poetry. Rachel looks forward to supporting you on your journey through life!

Known for her down-to-earth humor, relatability, and calming demeanor, Rachel creates a non-judgmental and comfortable environment for her clients. Rachel serves adolescents, young adults, as well as couples and families. With flexible appointment times, Rachel emphasizes the collaborative nature of therapy. Her goal is to work with clients to foster growth, gain new perspectives, develop coping skills, achieve goals, and enhance personal strengths for a fulfilling life.

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