Teen Therapy

Are You At A Loss To Help Your Teen?

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to care for your teenager? Have you been getting swarmed with phone calls from the school complaining about their behavior? Maybe they have trouble focusing and staying on task, or they’re avoiding their work altogether. Perhaps they feel misunderstood by adults, always getting in trouble no matter how well-behaved they try to be.

The teen years often seem to move by at a thousand miles per hour. It’s a time of life when young people change rapidly—most teens are very, very different people at 18 than they were at 13. They often struggle to keep up with all these changes, which is why they’re at risk for developing depression, anxiety, addiction, and negative self-image issues. Your teen may turn to destructive habits to help themselves cope, such as alcohol or drugs. Or they might turn inward, refusing to go out with friends and isolating themselves in their room all the time.

The most important factor in a teenager’s development is their relationship with their parents. Your support is key to their mental and emotional growth. If you want to deepen your relationship with your teen, we offer practical steps for helping them learn, grow, and most importantly, form a closer bond with you in this difficult time of life.

Teenagers Are Constantly Misunderstood In Our Culture Today

The teen years are an exciting time of life, but they’re also fraught with tension. Teenagers are in a process of intense self-discovery. As a result, they experience a great deal of uncertainty about who they really are. They may take more risks, indulge in reckless behaviors, or make overly rash decisions. All of this behavior is normal for this period of life.

Unfortunately, few adults truly understand the psychology of being a teenager—even though we all were once teenagers ourselves. In our culture today, teens are often looked at as rebels. Their attempts to cope with life’s changes are usually interpreted as “bad behavior.” The trouble with this mindset is that it ignores the root of teens’ problems. Usually, when a teen is acting rebellious or indulging in reckless activity, it’s a sign of deeper sorrows going on under the surface. Their so-called “bad behavior” is generally a cry for help.

This is why it’s so vital that teens have a strong support system. No one can make perfect decisions on their own all the time, and especially not during such a topsy-turvy phase of life. Here at SMPsychotherapy & Counseling, we’ll help your teen stay balanced, resolve conflicts, and cope with all the changes they’re going through.

Therapy Is A Time For Your Teen To Be Themselves And Explore Their Emotions

Teens constantly feel misunderstood by adults. Most of the time, they feel like older people can’t relate to them or take them seriously. In our sessions, we provide a private space for teens to explore the changes in their life with the knowledge that they are fully supported and understood. This is a place for them to say whatever is on their mind and explore the full range of their emotions without any judgment or condescension. Naturally, they may take some time to open up, and we’re okay with that. This is their time—not ours—and we want to accommodate them in whatever way we can.

In the beginning, we will meet with you alone to conduct a psychological assessment of your child’s needs. When the evaluation is done, one of our therapists will start meeting with your teen one-on-one. For teen girls who may not want individual counseling, we offer a group therapy program where they can discuss their struggles with depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Group therapy can also be part of your teen’s individual treatment plan, even if their sessions are online.

Throughout treatment, you can expect to play an active role in your child’s healing process. We’ll update you regularly and meet with you as needed. Additionally, we’ll coordinate with any providers in your teen’s life, such as psychiatrists and school social workers. Our counselors can also participate in school Planning and Placement Team (PPT) meetings and advocate for your child.

In our sessions, we’ll help your teenager explore the root causes of their issues and develop strategies for regulating their emotions from day-to-day. We’ll teach them communication skills, relaxation techniques, and tips for conflict resolution. At the same time, we’ll equip you with the skills to assist them when we’re not there. Our goal is to help you learn to diffuse meltdowns, offer comfort, and create a reward system so that they feel validated for their accomplishments.

One of the core approaches we use is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Using CBT, teens will learn to recognize how negative thought patterns influence the way they react and behave. They will expand their self-awareness and develop their own unique coping skills. Additionally, our practice utilizes art therapy and play therapy, which means teens can draw, paint, journal, or do whatever promotes self-expression and makes them comfortable.

Although you may feel otherwise at times, your teenager is not an alien. They are going through changes and finding themselves. The question isn’t whether or not they’ll keep changing, but whether or not they’ll have a support system to help them weather those changes. Here at SMPsychotherapy, our goal is to provide just that.

You may have some questions and concerns about teen therapy…

Can you really help my teen?

Our team has over 20 years of combined experience working with teens. Under our care, we’ve seen teens flourish in ways they (and their parents) never imagined. Yes, adolescence is a volatile, unpredictable time, but it’s also a period of profound growth. Most teenagers underestimate their own resilience and capacity for change. With the right support and commitment, we believe your child can surprise themselves in their ability to adapt.

Can you really save my relationship with my teen?

No parent-teen relationship is beyond repair. The first step is understanding where the disconnect between you and your teenager lies. If you can understand the underlying motives behind your teen’s actions, it becomes much easier to solve communication issues between you and them. The important thing is that you are trying. With our support and your commitment, you can repair your relationship with your child.

Will my teen be okay with online therapy for now?

Yes, they will be more than okay with online therapy. Teenagers love technology, and they often know much more about it than we do. They love to connect online, and that’s why virtual counseling appeals to them so much. What’s more, working online gives them a chance to get comfortable in their own home or wherever it is they feel most at peace.

No Teenager Should Have To Weather Life’s Changes Alone

If your teen wishes they could have someone to talk to who understands them and won’t judge them for who they are, we would be honored to help. To book an appointment, you can call us at 203-800-9778 or send us an email. We look forward to speaking with you!

Due to COVID-19, all our teen therapy sessions are online right now. 

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