Dorothy Thompson, LMSW

Dorothy Thompson, LMSW brings her expertise as a licensed master social worker and a registered play therapist to SMPsychotherapy and Counseling Services. Her educational roots trace back to Hunter College in New York, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Creative Writing. Subsequently, she pursued her Master’s in Social Work at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center in New York. Complementing this, she obtained a Play Therapy Certification from Sacred Hearts University in Connecticut.

Dorothy’s path into mental health was influenced by her 15 years working in child welfare, primarily with intellectually challenged individuals facing abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Coming from a West African background, she brought a unique lens to her work, emphasizing the impact of the environment on families and individuals. The rich experience of community support she received after arriving from Africa further fueled her commitment.

Dorothy’s mental health work history spans working with children with special needs, as well as children and teens dealing with abuse, neglect, anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, OCD, and ADHD. Additionally, she has worked with women navigating domestic violence, families coping with various challenges, and single mothers dealing with depression or raising a child with special needs.

Utilizing a variety of modalities, including strength-based approaches, CBT, DBT, and her specialization in play therapy—specifically, child-centered play—Dorothy’s range of expertise allows her to cater to the unique needs of each individual.

Her goal is to assist clients in identifying and exploring their past experiences, fostering a balanced understanding of their thoughts and feelings. Rejecting the one-size-fits-all model, Dorothy intentionally offers whatever approach works for each person while considering other possibilities.

What sets Dorothy apart is her ability to create a comfortable space for clients to open up. Patience and creativity define her approach, exploring various methods to support clients in identifying and achieving their objectives. She is an avid listener, facilitating a collaborative exploration of thoughts and feelings. In her sessions, she doesn’t offer answers if she doesn’t know them; instead, the client and she figure it out together, creating a collaborative and empowering therapeutic experience.

Dorothy offers services in English and Liberian dialect, with a deep understanding of African dialects and cultures. Her appointment availability is flexible, extending to weekdays, evenings, and weekends. Outside of her professional life, she is an Afrobeat dancer and a dance instructor for teenagers. Finding relaxation in poetry at the library, she enjoys music, has a penchant for great restaurants, and cherishes the arts.

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