Jenee Midgette, LPCA

jeneeJenee Midgette, LPCA, believes her true purpose is to help others achieve their goals. She earned her Master’s degree in counseling from Central Connecticut State University in 2013 and became a Licensed Professional Counselor in 2022. Jenee’s experience in higher education prompted her to seek positions where she could guide traditionally aged students through their college experience.

In addition to working with college students, Jenee worked at a homeless shelter where she provided crisis counseling for individuals and families. She enjoyed the opportunity to help people find stability in their lives.

At SMPsychotherapy, Jenee works with individuals aged 18 and over. She is available for individual, group, couples, and family therapy. Jenee specializes in helping clients overcome anxiety, depression, substance abuse, trauma, PTSD, and other mental health concerns. Her experience makes her effective at guiding clients to develop coping skills, undo unhealthy patterns, identify triggers, and navigate life transitions.

While in therapy with Jenee, clients uncover the root of their mental health issues or unhealthy patterns and work to identify and move through triggers. Jenee sees a therapist’s role as a supportive partner in helping people learn to trust themselves, make good decisions, and create the life they want.

Jenee believes connection and rapport are the cornerstones of an effective therapeutic relationship. She provides a safe, empathetic space for you to tell your story. Your story and goals guide each session.

Reach out to our office today to schedule an appointment with Jenee.

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