Medical Marijuana Treatment

Do You Wish You Knew Of A Healthier Alternative To Prescription Drugs?

medical marijuanaAre you tired of trying to treat your mental health issues with medications that aren’t effective? Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, or ADHD, but you’re unsure where to turn for help? Maybe you’re on anti-depressants or anti-anxiety meds and you’re starting to experience harmful side effects. Or perhaps your prescription drugs just aren’t making any difference. Your doctors keep prescribing more, but none of them improve your mood or reduce your stress.

Maybe you’ve thought about trying medical marijuana, but a part of you holds back. Perhaps the stigma surrounding cannabis makes it hard for you to accept it as medical treatment. You may worry that your workplace will find out or make you take a drug test. Do you wish you could find a way to use marijuana that wouldn’t affect your career or make you fear judgment?

You May Be Struggling To Access Marijuana Legally Or Figure Out Which Strain Benefits You

woman talking to doctorPerhaps you’re already familiar with marijuana and it’s helped you reduce your symptoms. You feel more relaxed and at ease when you take it. But at the same time, you struggle to access it legally. After all, street cannabis is cheaper than dispensary cannabis, so you’re not sure that buying it legally is worth it.

On your own, however, it isn’t always easy to figure out which strains of marijuana are beneficial. Certain strains may increase your anxiety or depression. This is why it’s so important to talk with someone who is medically knowledgeable about what kind of cannabis to use.

With my help, I am confident that you can find the right strain, reduce your symptoms, and achieve a healthier emotional balance in your life.

Many People Turn To Marijuana Because Of Ineffective Prescription Drugs

Medication can be very helpful in treating mental health issues, but it is not a cure-all. No matter how effective an over-the-counter drug is, its effects generally wear off over time. This is why people who take prescription drugs often have to keep switching medications every few years. As soon as their body becomes tolerant of one drug, they have to find a new one to treat themselves with. In this way, they get stuck a cycle of jumping from pill to pill without finding any long-lasting treatment.

In the face of all their struggles, many people with mental health issues turn to medical marijuana. Unlike most prescription drugs, the effects of marijuana do not wear off over time and the side effects are usually not as harmful. Unfortunately, however, many people are still hesitant to try medical cannabis.

Why Many People Resist Taking Marijuana For Mental Health Issues

Even though marijuana has been proven to alleviate both physical and emotional pain, a cultural stigma still surrounds it. Long before the science on the matter was widely known, the US government tried to brand marijuana as an illicit drug. As a result, cannabis is often mistakenly lumped in with drugs that are addictive and harmful, such as cocaine or heroin.

In reality, however, marijuana is neither addictive nor a gateway drug. It is safe and effective in treating a wide range of mental health issues. If you’re looking for a more natural alternative to prescription meds, I encourage you to pursue cannabis treatment with me.

Medical Marijuana Treatment Can Help You Find Long-Lasting Solutions To Mental Health Issues

Let’s face it: you may be tempted to simply self-treat yourself with cannabis. But if you don’t have a professional’s guidance, figuring out which strain to use isn’t easy. What’s more, without a medical license, having consistent and reliable access to the cannabis you need may be difficult.

In medical marijuana treatment, my goal is to help you explore what form of cannabis benefits your mental health most—tinctures, edibles, smoking, oils, creams, etc. We will evaluate whether or not to use marijuana with THC, which contains psychoactive content, or CBD, which contains none.

Oftentimes, the form of marijuana you use depends on what your symptoms are. Some types of medical marijuana may reduce anxiety while others work better for depression. This is why I keep the treatment plan customizable to your needs.

woman laying down smiling with coffeeMost importantly, this is not a “quick fix” process—I want to help you make lasting changes in your emotional well-being. To that end, I usually recommend therapy in tandem with medical marijuana treatment. While cannabis can help you improve your mood, talking to a counselor can help you address the unhealthy thoughts and emotions that contribute to your low mood.

What To Expect In Sessions

During our first session, we will explore your medical history and your experiences with marijuana. From there, the goal is to help you acquire a medical marijuana license and work on managing your symptoms in day-to-day life. What that looks like depends on what your needs are. If you have any opiate dependencies, we will focus on helping you taper off of harmful medications. If you’re worried that your workplace will find out about your cannabis usage, we will explore ways to take marijuana privately.

My hope is that medical marijuana will help you relax, be productive, and improve your mood. By working with a counselor to explore your emotions and taking marijuana to help you control them, I believe you can move forward in life with greater joy and confidence.

You May Have Some Questions About Medical Marijuana Treatment…

I don’t want to get high—I still need to be able to function.

Believe it or not, not all forms of marijuana get you “high.” CBD, in particular, does not contain any psychoactive content. In treatment together, we will explore CBD products that you can use to regulate your symptoms without making you feel loopy or high.

Is there really any need for medical marijuana?

Given how many prescription drugs have negative side effects and how much corruption lies in the pharmaceutical industry, the need for medical marijuana treatment has never been greater. It is a safe, low-risk alternative to over-the-counter medications. It is not addictive and there are rarely ever any side effects.

happy women sitting downWhat if my workplace finds out I’m taking marijuana?

My sessions are 100-percent confidential, ensuring that no one knows what we talk about here. That said, if you’re worried about your workplace finding out that you take marijuana, one of the best options may be to use edibles. This way, no one will smell the marijuana and it will be easy to keep out of sight. What’s more, having a medical marijuana license will prove that you are taking cannabis for health purposes.

Let Me Help You Find A Natural, Low-Risk Alternative To Medication

If you’re tired of trying prescription drugs that make no difference in your life, I encourage you to try medical marijuana. To connect with me, you can send me an email o llamarnos al 203-800-9778.

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