Sheona Motshabi MSW, LMSW


Sheona Motshabi MSW, LMSW earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology from Eastern Connecticut State University, followed by a Master’s in Social Work with a concentration on Health and Mental Health from the University of Saint Joseph

Sheona MotshabiSheona’s professional journey started with a love for marine biology, however, in her senior year in college she met with her career advisor, who also held his MSW, and they discussed a pivot in her career plans from a career in Marine Biology to a career in social work.

Sheona’s experience spans working with adolescents (13-18), young adults (18-25), and families. She excels in the challenging but rewarding space of adolescent development, aiding self-identity, and navigating rebellion. Additionally, her work with college students in various roles provides a unique perspective.

Sheona specializes in working with adolescents and young adults, acknowledging the nuances of this crucial age range. Her approach involves a mix of firmness, humor, and a deep understanding of the challenges they face during their development.

With expertise in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing, and play therapy, Sheona tailors her modalities to the unique needs of her clients. Recognizing the importance of individuality, she engages in role-playing, check-ins, and even innovative methods like cooking therapy.

Sheona often addresses issues like anxiety, depression, body image concerns, self-esteem, and co-occurring disorders prevalent in adolescents and young adults. She navigates the complex landscape of modern challenges, including the impact of social media on mental health.

Sheona blends calmness, fairness, and directness in her approach. Her commitment lies in collective growth, where she guides clients on their journey while empowering them to take charge of their lives.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Sheona finds joy in simple pleasures. Whether enjoying a good movie, savoring a meal at a special restaurant, or taking refreshing walks, she appreciates the balance between self-care and the demands of her fulfilling roles as a mother and wife.

She offers evening appointments. If you seek a compassionate guide on your mental health journey, Sheona invites you to reach out. Together, you can navigate challenges and unlock the potential for lasting change.

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