Kelly Harris, LCSW

Kelly Harris is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in creating an inclusive, safe environment for parents and their children to explore concerns about Autism. Kelly began her career working with adults with developmental disabilities at HARC. Once she completed her Master’s degree at University of Connecticut in 2003 she accepted a position working with birth to three programs. She is an expert in developmental assessments and Autism evaluations. 

When Kelly meets with a family for an evaluation she focuses on making sure the child is comfortable and that their emotional needs are met. She takes the entire family into account, rather than looking at the child as an isolated person. 

Kelly focuses on communicating to families exactly what she’s seeing and why a diagnosis is necessary. Autism evaluations can be stressful for families. You may worry about your child being labeled and not having the same opportunities as their peers.

In addition to providing a comprehensive evaluation, Kelly can recommend services to help your child reach their potential. It’s important to remember that your child is still the same person after a diagnosis. A diagnosis is simply a stepping stone to a successful life. 

After a comprehensive Autism evaluation with Kelly parents feel empowered to help their child create the life they were meant for. If you have questions about the Autism evaluation process please check out our Autism evaluation page. You can also reach out to us  at or at 203.800.9778 

Kelly Harris, LCSW

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