Better Sexual Health: How Intimacy Keeps Your Relationship Strong

Posted by  Soribel Martinez, LCSW

Far too often, people think a sexual relationship doesn’t need intimacy to survive. That might be true for a while. Sex itself can be enjoyed without intimacy for a short period of time. But, when you’re in a relationship with someone, the physical desire can quickly burn out if there isn’t a certain level of intimacy attached to it. 

Intimacy leads to better sexual experiences, overall. Studies have shown that women tend to have more frequent orgasms during sexual encounters in a relationship than with “hook-ups” or someone they aren’t intimate with.

Beyond your sex life, intimacy helps to keep your relationship strong in other areas. By building intimacy on a regular basis, you can strengthen your bond and feel closer than ever. There is no denying that those feelings will carry over into the bedroom. 

So, exactly how does intimacy keep your relationship strong? 

Emotional Intimacy Makes You More Comfortable

When you’re emotionally intimate with someone, there is a sense of comfort and trust that goes along with it. By building intimacy, you’re more likely to feel better at expressing yourself. That includes talking about your sexual desires and fantasies. You’ll have an easier time opening up about the things you like and dislike, or things you would like to see in your sexual relationship. 

That kind of comfort level comes with time. Chances are, you wouldn’t be able to open up about those things with someone you don’t have an intimate bond with. 

You Can Take More Risks

Because intimacy builds trust, you’ll be more willing to step outside of your comfort zone (or what you think it is) in the bedroom. When you’re engaged in a sexual relationship, you’re already vulnerable. 

Having intimacy in that relationship can increase your vulnerability, but won’t force you to shy away from it.

As a result, you might find yourself willing to try new things from a sexual standpoint. You can take more risks with your partner because you know they are there to support you without judgment. Intimacy creates a sense of safety and security that will make a big difference in your sexual health. 

More Satisfying Sex

When two people are in an intimate relationship, they’re able to be more authentic. In addition to building trust and feeling more comfortable, intimacy allows you to feel more like yourself. 

When your partner feels the same way, there is no room for guilt or apprehension in your sex life. Because of that, you’re able to focus your attention on your relationship, your partner, and how being sexually intimate with them makes you feel. 

That can make your sex life more enjoyable and pleasurable, overall. Plus, it’s a positive cycle to start. The stronger your sex life is, the more intimate you can become. The more intimate you are, the better your sexual health will be. 

How to Build More Intimacy

Intimacy keeps your relationship strong on so many levels. But, how can you build more of it to help your love life (and sex life)? 

It’s different for every couple, largely depending on your needs and what your partner needs. But, if you’re struggling to find more ways to be intimate, consider some of the following ideas: 

  • Show affection whenever possible
  • Set aside specific time for each other and your relationship
  • Compliment your partner
  • Thank them for the things they do
  • Show physical attention without sex

Another great way to build intimacy is simply to have an open discussion about it. You’ll feel vulnerable, at first. But the more you talk about intimacy, the more important it will become in your relationship. So, don’t be afraid to open up to your partner and work on fostering a more intimate relationship. Doing so could be just what you need to better your sexual health. 

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